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And now it’s time to proceed to the third section of the business analysis process. We’ve assessed the business model and established volume projections, and so we’ll begin our discussion of cost considerations.

On Tuesday, we’ll discuss the related topics of Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM).  Then, on Thursday, we’ll review the topics of job order costing and variance analysis.

In advance of our Tuesday class, please review an investigatory news story about McDonald’s and a written and video response to the allegations. On that second web page, i.e. the one with the response, please watch the 2 minute video after you read the content.

Then, in advance of our Thursday class, please review a pair of blog postings about job order costing and variance analysis.

Some time this week, we’ll discuss Term Project #2’s deadline as well. We’ve actually already covered the relevant material, so it’s simply a matter of selecting a convenient time.

Hey … who just whispered never?  I heard that!  :)

Volume (Continued)

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Thank you for completing our first project assignment! Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if every assignment consisted of a text message of 50 words?

Yesterday morning, I acknowledged my receipt of your messages by placing Box Notes in your online folders. And I’ll be providing feedback to you with follow-up Box Notes before we meet on Tuesday.

So what’s up for Tuesday? After our customary quiz, we’ll begin our session with a discussion of our Project 1 experience. And then we’ll cover a little calculus!

Thus, in advance of our Tuesday session, please go to our Virtual Library and review a PDF file entitled Sales Optimization. Although I do not expect you to work through all of the calculus formulas (in that file) in advance of our session, I do ask that you review the general purpose and structure of that analysis.

Then, in advance of our Thursday session, please read a relatively brief web page with a bullet point outline about quality management. We’ll spend much of that day in a discussion of quality management as a discipline that pulls together ostensibly disparate volume-related analyses like storyboard flowcharts and calculus analyses.

And then … guess what? We’ll conclude our second module of the semester! And we’ll be “right on track” to complete our third (of six) modules before our mid-semester Spring Break.

In other words … we’re making progress. :)


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This is going to be a week of transition! We’ll conclude our discussion of the business model, complete the first phase of our term project, and then begin our review of the Volume section of the course.

We’ll begin our session on Tuesday by reviewing the Project 1 requirements in detail. Then we’ll discuss how the Jeff Bezos video clip (that was initially assigned as an advance preparation activity in last week’s blog posting) describes the documentation approach that we are employing for our work. Subsequently, on Thursday, we’ll begin our discussion of the Volume section of the course.

To prepare for Tuesday’s session, please click on the Project 1 menu item in the masthead of our course blog and read the content of that blog page. Then, to prepare for Thursday’s session, please watch a brief video documentary from National Geographic about a place that is facing a geographic risk.

Do we have anything else to do this week? Yes, indeed! There is a pair of tasks that must be completed to fulfill the first submission of our term project. By Tuesday evening at 11:59 pm, please accept my invitation (or send me your invitation) to share access to your new online folder. Then, by Thursday evening at 11:59 pm, please send me your 50 word text message through the folder’s “Collaborators – Mail All Collaborators” function.

On Friday morning, I will respond by placing a “Box Note” (i.e. an advanced version of an email message that can be modified by multiple parties, simultaneously or individually) in your online folder to acknowledge your submission.

Not a bad document management system, eh? Sakai users, welcome to the 21st century … :)

Introducing The Term Project

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Will we finally be able to experience a week with two regularly scheduled class sessions? I guess we’ll find out!

Working under the assumption that we’ll meet on Tuesday and Thursday at our customary times and in our regularly scheduled rooms, we’ll convene in Harkins Hall on Tuesday and wrap up our discussion of statistical modeling. Then we’ll proceed to the flexible budgeting content that was originally scheduled for last week.

On Thursday, we’ll convene in Albertus Magnus Hall to discuss the general structure of the term project. We’ll also review our first project-related assignment, which will be due the week of February 9th.

On a go-forward basis, please keep in mind that we are beginning each class session with a brief quiz that covers the intellectual content of the previous class session, as well as the advance reading (or other preparation) assignment for that day. And what are our advance assignments for this week?

For this Tuesday, please review a collection of 27 Sports Illustrated photographs entitled Sports In Unusual Venues, paying particular attention to the New York Liberty photograph #19 of 27. You may recall that we initially assigned this activity last week, before our plans were “scrambled” by the snowstorm cancellation.

And for this Thursday, please watch the first ten minutes of a Charlie Rose interview with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. By the way, the remainder of that interview is very interesting too … as is the subsequent interview (in the video clip) of Keira Knightley! But we’ll only focus on the first ten minutes of Jeff’s interview in our class.

Sorry, Keira. You’re a wonderful actress, but you can’t help us now.  :(

Annoyingly, the little time clock in the lower right corner of the video screen (that appears when you move your cursor over the screen while the video is playing) only displays “time remaining in video,” as opposed to “time already passed.” So, in order to watch the first ten minutes of this 53 minute video clip, you’ll need to watch until that little clock hits 43:00.

Finally, we are going to utilize a corporate cloud-based service known as to manage the documentation of our term project activities this semester. So, by our Thursday class session, please go to and use your Providence College email address (as a user identification) to open a free account.

So much to do, so little time! But we’re gettin’ there.


A Special Weather Cancellation Note

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Hello, Accounting Policy students! Although our “official” blog posting for the week was uploaded on January 24, 2015 (see below), the snowstorm cancellation of our Tuesday class session has changed our plans a bit.

Our advance reading assignment that was originally due for our Tuesday session (i.e. January 27) is now due for our Thursday session (i.e. January 29). The advance reading assignment that was originally due for our Thursday session, as well as the signup activity, will be postponed until next week.

In addition, please keep in mind that we will start every class session with a quiz for the remainder of the semester. Unless I announce otherwise, each quiz will always cover: (1) the content that we reviewed in the preceding class session, and (2) the advance reading assignment for the current session.

I’ll see you in our Albertus Magnus Hall room tomorrow at 2:30 pm!

The Business Model (Conclusion)

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We’re about to conclude our first section of the course! Let’s plan to wrap up our discussion of the business model this week.

On Tuesday, after we review last week’s advance reading assignment entitled Business Model Data, we’ll begin our discussion of flexible budgeting. We’ll also begin to discuss our term project.

Our advance reading assignment for Tuesday is a blog posting about the 2009 Super Bowl and flexible budgeting. Then, for Thursday, please review a collection of 27 Sports Illustrated photographs entitled Sports In Unusual Venues, paying particular attention to the New York Liberty photograph #19 of 27.

After you examine photograph #19, please remember to read the brief explanatory blurb beside the image. It’ll help you understand what appears in the image, i.e. why the picture is so unusual.

Furthermore, to prepare for our term project, please sign up for a free account at by using your PC Friars email address as your user name. We’ll utilize that corporate communication platform to share information regarding the term projects.

We are most certainly making progress. See you on Tuesday!

The Business Model

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It was a pleasure to meet all of you last week! So far, so good … :)

Please keep in mind that we’re only meeting one day this week, on Thursday in our Albertus Magnus classroom. We’ll begin the class very promptly with a brief quiz that covers our balanced scorecard discussion from last week and our advance reading assignment for this week.

And what is our advance reading assignment? It is a two page statistical analysis that is summarized in a PDF file entitled Business Model Data. You can find it by clicking on the Virtual Library link in the right margin of our blog.

The instructions in that file explain how to use a free online software platform to produce a regression analysis. You are welcome to recreate the output in that file in advance of our session, but you are not obligated to do so. Please read the sheets, though, before our class session.

In addition, please come to class prepared to discuss your idea for a term project. As I mentioned last week, you are welcome to select any opportunity that is faced by any organization, as long as you can reasonably obtain relevant data in order to investigate that opportunity.

And I have one additional requirement: that you select an opportunity and an organization that genuinely interests you!

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